Love it or hate it? I LOVE IT! Believe me, oats doesn’t have to be pudgy, soggy porridge! There are many ingenious ways to dress it up so much so it tickles your taste buds! 😉

I think the first time I had something other than plain boring oats was during my honeymoon in Bali and the hotel served us cold oats which was part of the breakfast buffet. Wow..I came home and started trying out the same recipe and tweaking it here and there to create different results. Now you can enjoy soggy/pudgy oats tweaked to become a YUMMYLICIOUS breakfast delicacy!

By the way..I totally detest Quaker Oats! I think it has a bitter aftertaste that lingers for way too long on your tongue! Try buying Rolled oats or Steelcut oats ( too expensive!). I just use the Organic Rolled Oats from the Antzen brand, or the Australian rolled oats. Both taste good. I usually cook the rolled oats in some water then add some milk but this recipe required yoghurt! Yoghurt in oats?! I was hesitant but yeah..even healthier right ..so I went for it. YUMMY!!


Recipe: ( adapted from Good Food magazine) serves 1

  • 200ml water
  • 3 tbsp rolled oats
  • 1 small chopped banana
  • 150g greek yoghurt
  • generous handful of blueberries/ frozen raspberries
  • small handful of toasted flaked almonds

Tip 200ml of water into a small non stick pan and stir in the oats. Cook over low heat till bubbling and thickened. Swirl in the yoghurt , then chopped banana. Top it with the blueberries and flaked almonds!

Trust me you’ll like it.. and the oats lovers will LOVE IT! 🙂


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