Aubergine with prawns in oyster sauce

Make this tonight! It’s just too easy and still mouthwatering.  Made it in about 25 minutes after coming home from work and the kids loved it!

Recipe: (Adapted from BBC Goodfood magazine)

  • 3 tbsp. sunflower oil, plus 2 tsp
  • 1 aubergine, cut into rounds , then 3 cm batons
  • 1 red/yellow pepper cut into strips
  • 6 spring onions, trimmed and cut into 3 cm
  • ginger 3cm, chopped fine
  • 4 garlic cloves , finely sliced
  • 200g large prawns
  • 3 tbsp. oyster sauce
  • cooked rice, egg noodles to serve

1. Heat the 3 tbsp oil in a wok or large, non stick pan frying pan. Toss in the aubergine and cook for abour 7-8 mins till starting to soften. Add the pepper and a splash of water and cook for another 3 mins or so. Remove from pan and set aside.

2.  Add the remaining 2 tsp oil to the pan, add the ginger and garlic , cook for about 1 minute, constantly stirring. Add the prawns and stir fry until pink and half cooked.

3. Now tip in the aubergine and peppers back into the pan and add the oyster sauce, plus 5 tbsp of water. Add most of the spring onions. Simmer until slightly thickened and then scatter the remaining spring onions.

4. Amazing one pot meal ready in 20 mins and serve it with brown/white rice or noodles.

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